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Quo Vadis.
Interview XXI. — Bad Mood Marty.

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Quo Vadis is a conversation series created in 2016 by Dorrell Merritt with the intention of interviewing the most radical, forward-thinking, underground contemporary tattooers from across the world. Inspired by the formats and approaches of fine-art, journals, Quo Vadis sought to profile artists expansively, exploring the artists themselves in as much depth as their work and their practice.

Returning for its 21st interview, and first in-conversation feature, QV features the work of East London tattooer and green-grocer Martin Rosenberg (A.K.A Bad Mood Marty). With his work focusing mainly on themes such as religion, science, philosophy and the darker sides of the human psyche, his resulting style is full of morbid charm, intricate appeal and a cynical yet beautiful channelling of the past, whether fifty or five hundred years back. The resulting interview is an intense, insightful and pensive look at the reality of a young tattooers life, not only as a creator but as a citizen in a city so financially unforgiving as London.

200x 130mm
160gsm uncoated paper.
Edition of 50  copies.